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Halloween DIY Dead Fairy

This is such a creepy, yet cool thing.
It is called Corpsing!
And it is actually pretty easy.

You can corpse a dead fairy with as little as $4. of supplies!

I offer a class during the Halloween Season called the Dead Fairy Workshop.
We use a miniature skeleton for this project.
But you can start off with any skeleton you can find, there are so many cool ones now. Michaels even has a mermaid skeleton ( I have to go get that one!).

Your other magic ingredient is a plastic shopping bag.

I add in wire to make the wings and several colors of paint.
Bronze (optional), Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Gold (optional), Green (optional) and Black.
You will also need a heat gun. 

The first step is to add the wings to your miniature skeleton.  You can also heat up the skeleton and bend the legs and arms. Heat it up, bend it and hold it or tape until it cools. It will then stay in that shape. You can also just break the parts and glue them in a pose.

Next, you start adding the plastic garbage bags. This is a…

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