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Poe Poe Pitiful Annabel Lee- Tabletop Display

Inspired by a recent trip to Edgar Allan Poe's New York Cottage .... it is tiny!

...and an awesome Stevie Nicks rendition of Annabel Lee.
If this doesn't conjure up haunting imagery, then I don't know what will!

On this trip, I collected an Edgar Allan Poe key chain and a copy of Poe's handwritten Annabel Lee poem.

I made an Amazing Mold Rubber mold of the book and a color copy of the poem.

Using Amazing Casting Resin, I cast my two molds and several other creepy ones I had laying around.  I painted my resin pieces black.  At the Dollar Tree I purchased a string of skeletons and a tabletop tombstone. I painted a black and brown wash over the skeleton to age it and painted the tombstone solid black.

Then I decorated the tomb with my posed skeleton, resin book, and a poem that I coated in clear resin. I also embellished with a gargoyle (from Dollar Tree that I also made a mold of using Amazing Mold Rubber) and a raven skull from a purchased mold. And Silver Rub n Buff... l…

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