Using Metal Stamping to send your message

We all have a little something that we want to say.
Why not use metal stamps to send that message?
There are dozens of font styles and even more designs!

At Create Studios we offer a Metal Stamping workshop that gives [articiapmts 2 hours to stamp their heart's desire! But feel free to buy your own stamping supplies and make them in the comfort of your own home.

Baton Rouge Needs a Zoo!
That was echoed throughout the airways on the 70s by none other than Buckskin Bill!
(his painting is in the background)

Do you keep your visions to yourself?

Paintings by Tanya Ruffin

You'll pick it up quickly and will be knocking out projects in our short 2-hour session!

Try your hand at metal stamping, I'm sure you will love it too!


Create Studios


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