Getting back in the groove

I have been drawing again lately. Now that our kitchen renovation is done, I have a counter to spread out on! I love it. I now can paint and draw (and craft) without dogs getting int he middle of everything. Yes, I had a craft room, but it was no fun going off to a room by myself to create. I have to be in the middle of things and now I can be! My hubby can sit in his chair, we can both watch tv and the dogs can lay under my feet- AND I CAN CREATE!

I have been experiementing with colored pencil and oil pastels. Oil pastels have never seemed like a real "fine art" medium, but boy have I been wrong. I have discovered that by using q-tips dipped in Odorless Mineral Spirits you can blend the oil and produce a smooth surface. Even better, when going on top with color pencils since you already have the surface coated with OMS, the pencils blend. I was in shock! I have never (not even with blending pens) been able to get color pencil to blend with any degree of satisfaction.

I tend to be detailed in my drawings, focusing mostly on portraits, and color pencil was always something I wanted to do, but I have never been able blend! And in my style, blending is a must. I am not "into" impressionistic art so smooth, blended color was a must for me.

I am trying to be looser in my style, it is hard, but I am trying.


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