Make and Partake Party- Personalized Charms

Just in the nick of time for Christmas- make some personalized gift for family and friends!

My Make and Partake Parties combine art education and FUN!

Personalized Charms

$30 will get you enough supplies to make several charms and the knowledge to make a gazillion more! You will also learn other uses for the charms such as rings or bracelets. They also make great Christmas ornaments.

Bring lots of tiny (smaller than an inch) photos or designs you would like to see as charms.
Most printers give you the option to print a sheet of thumbnails, these work perfect.

This is a party so don’t forget your partakables!
*$2.64 service fee added to final price.

 For those that don't know- partakables are beer, wine, cocktails, shots, hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, snacks, food, and other edible delights


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