Homemade King cake

I just finished two king cakes for Saturday's parades. It is so easy to make.

The icing bakes inside the dough of the cake and makes for a moist treat!

All you need is 2 rolls of crescent rolls ( new orleans- crescent city...get it?!), 1 can of cream cheese icing, 1 cap full of vanilla extract, purple, yellow and green sugar. Roll out the rolls and lay them out forming an oval, overlapping slightly in the center. Mix the vanilla extract to the icing. Fill the middle, where the rolls overlap, with a circle of icing....using half the icing. Now fold the pointed end of the crescent roll up, covering g the icing. Do this all the way around the circle. Then fold the wide end up covering the small end. Now the icing should be completely encased in the crescent roll. Pinch any exposed openings. Make sure your icing is completely covered. Any slight opening will cause the icing to melt out. ( So far every one ihave done has had some icing melt out but it hasn't taken away from the taste at all) Bake per directions on roll label. Place remaining icing on microwave for a few second to melt icing enough to make it a glaze. Drizzle remaining icing over top of king cake. Before icing hardens sprinkling sugars in the pattern of yellow, green, purple. If you have a small plastic baby cut cake and slide it inside before you glaze the cake.

Be prepared for major yumminess and Happy Mardi Gras from Baton Rouge!
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