Figuring out my style

Ok, so I am taking the Crafty Chica's DIY Publicity class and learning a lot and I am only one week one! I am torn between two visual descriptions of my style based on her formula. I am either Sunset Boulevard-meets- Stevie Nicks-meets Hot Topic or Da Vinci Code-meets-Stevie Nicks-meets Hot Topic.  Toughy!

I do so many things, painting, drawing, portraits, is hard to focus one one thing and I really don't want to do just one thing.

Here is my short bio- help anyone?

Her mother enrolled her in art classes, as a child, and introduced her to the world of crafting. By the age of 10 she was drawing, painting, and making candles and ceramic.  This passion for creating soon took over her childhood, her education and life.

Inspired by classic Hollywood and Renaissance and Medieval art, Tanya’s designs can be serious or playful depending on the mood she is in at the time. Her portraiture stays realistic while her jewelry, collages and other artistries have a more whimsical tone. Always working on the next fun technique, Tanya love to share her knowledge by teaching classes at the local university.


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