Creating a Witchy Guest book

I wanted to create a guest book for my Halloween party that I could use year after year. Since I have a bunch of three ring binders floating around I thought of a way to use these. After everyone signs in, I am going to put the recipes I used this year and prints of all my pictures. So it will become a scrapbook /guest book.

It was fairly easy. All you need is a 3 ring binder, glue gun, glue, paper bags (or craft paper), decoupaging medium ( modge podge) and distressing inks or paint.
Start with a glue gun

 Next you want to open the binder face down on your work area and draw with the glue on the binder. I wrote "Spells" on my cover and drew a fleur de lis on the back.  You can draw on the cover with a pencil or pen first, this will all be covered up.

Close up of cover with scrolls.                                                                                                                                                                       

Gather your paper bags and/or craft paper. Tear onto smaller pieces.
The plastic bags were still sitting out from a previous project.
I wet the paper because the bags I used were very thick and this made it easier to manage.
Now begin decoupaging the paper to the binder.
Because the paper is wet, it is easier to smooth, but will take longer to dry.
As you decoupage use your fingers to press it up against the edges of the glue lines.
This will make the writing stand out when we ink it up.
Let dry overnight.

Note: I also wrote on the spine of the binder.
I used distressing inks but you could use a watered down paint if you don't have any.
Dab some ink on a makeup sponge and run over the raised areas. It should look something like this.

This is how my 3 ring Witchy Guest book turned out!


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