Skull Wreath

This was pretty easy to make. All you need is
1 grapevine wreath ( mine was free but it still had the $3.99 price tag on it).
2 vine garlands ( from Dollar Tree)
1 bunch of roses- white ( from Dollar Tree)
3 skulls- (I bought a 9.99 bag of skulls at the party place- I had about 7 left for other projects- so they ran about a dollar each.)
black spray paint (on hand)
silver spray paint (on hand)
silver glitter spray (on hand)
total for me- $ 6.00

1. Spray paint your vine garland, roses, and wreath black and add spray silver glitter.

2. Spray paint your skulls

3. Wrap vines around the wreath, place roses and glittered skulls.

I liked the hint of red from the backsides of some of the vines, so i left them. You can paint them solid black if you like.

Now hang on your door and have fun!

A similar wreath cost 20 bucks at the party supply place.
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