Nesting dolls

I saw some nesting doll blanks on etsy a few weeks ago and knew I had to order some to try out a new project. My sister in law and I have this nesting doll joke and every time I see nesting doll something or another I buy it for her. So far she has gotten measuring cups, measuring spoons, salt and pepper shakers and now a personalized set of nesting dolls.
What I did is sketch out roughly the layout of each doll. I decided to do the faces of her grand kids. I measured out how big each face should be and used coreldraw to lay them out and printed in a laser printer. Laser print will not smear when mixed with mod podge. I hate to admit I went to a laser solely on my craft use!

Then i cut out the faces and mod podged them on.

I then painted in the rest of the bodies. Make sure you do not paint the dolls shut. When done seal with varnish or mod podge.



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