Embellishing Jewelry with Steampunk Style

This craft is taking a cheap piece of jewelry from a discount store and embellishing it with watch parts to create a Steampunk piece of art.

Step 1
1 cheap ring
3D Crystal Laquer or Diamond Glaze
Watch Parts
Needle nose pliers
Any rhinestones or other embellishments
Something to hold ring while you are working. (I use a container filled with rice)

Step 1.

Place your ring in holder. I use rice. It is very easy to adjust the angle of your ring in rice. And you will need to adjust the tilt when you start putting the lacquer on the surface. Once nice thing about lacquer is that you can peel it up if it drips a little.

Step 2.

Step 2
Pick out your watch pieces. You can collect these yourself or buy them from the craft store or ebay.  You will need to use your pliers to break off any stems off of gears or cogs you wnat to sue. This way they will be able to lay flat. I always design my jewlery to have the remaining steam piece sticking up, because 1, it will lay flatter on the surface and 2, I can dome some lacquer on top to cover that exposed piece.

Step 3. 
Step 3.
Step 3. More lacquer
Put a little of the lacquer on the top of the ring. If you are just starting out you may want to work in small sections. this way if you accidently drop a piece in the wrong spot, it won't stick.

Start with a corner and place a little lacquer down, then slowly fill the surface with gears and cogs. you may need to use tweezers here.  I even use some small second hands in some of my pieces. You can buy in craft stores larger watch hands and in some of my bigger pieces (images below) I use them as a centerpiece.

Step 4.
Step 4
Once you get the entire surface covered you will want to put a light coating of lacquer over the whole surface. Let it dry and you may discover some sharp edges and have to put a little more lacquer over it. You don't want your ring catching on clothing!

Step 5. Finished!
Step 5.

Once it is dry and you are satisfied. Clean up the back of any drips and you are done!

Here are some samples of what I have created using this technique.

The iron cross ring
Fleur de lis ring using a watch hand
Each one looks different
You can see the one in the top right corner is drying.

Masks and Fleur de lis' are popular here in Louisiana!


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