Pleather couch repair

I never thought this would turn out this good and I am kicking myself that I didn't take any before picture. We have a faux leather and fabric couch and chair. Within a month of each other we got rips in both pieces. Not just rips but giant sections, some 6 x 4 inches! I just had to find some way to repair. Today in Walmart I picked up a nylon patch kit. The leather repair kits were way to expensive to try. This kit was 1.77. I bought 2 because I had to pieces of furniture to do. Each kit had two sheets. I managed to repair all with one sheet!
Here is the kit.

I took the brown patch and added some acrylic paint to blend it to the aged leather color of my couch. This is my end results. I think they cam out pretty good. Sorry for no flash.


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