Steampunk Bat Mask

I saw some cool masks on Pinterest this week and thought what if I combined these mask with steampunk. So this is what I came up with.

Metal tape - from home repair shop
Embossing folder- Riveted Metal
Sizzix machine
Silver leaf rub buff
Foam core
Craft knife
Googly eyes
Paint- black, burnt umber, burnt sienna

First draw out your shape on some foam board. Mine was black but you are going to cover it so it won't matter.

Next, emboss your metal tape with the rivit folder. You will put two strips in the folder and you will need 4-5 sets.

Then cover the surface of your mask with the tape, slightly overlapping each piece. You don't really need to match up the design, it ends up looking about the same if you don't. I matched up the front but not the back and I can barely tell the difference.

Now you will water down your black paint and paint the entire surface and then wipe off some areas. You still want the silver to show through.
Then I dry brushed some areas of black and wiped. Do the same with the burnt umber and the burnt sienna.
I even use some q-tips to get into some of the areas around the rivets. Don't forget the edge of the mask.

The glue on the googley eyes. I had some small ones. These will be your large rivets. I put a line on the right and one line horizontally on the left. Normally you would paint them all at once but because I used metal tape, I didn't want to cover it up with paint. I used a q-tip to paint the googley eyes black and accented with the other colors.
Use the rub buff to accent the top of the big rivets (googley eyes) and to touch the raised areas of the mask.
I still plan to add some other accepts, perhaps some gears. I will update with images if I do.

I plan to use this as a decoration for Halloween. I plan on making some steampunk pumpkins as well!


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