Fleur Debris


I live at the second stop in the Hurricane Isaac Stateside Tour.
Hurricane Isaac came ashore last week and living in south Louisiana you get accustom to this kind of thing. What you dont get accustomed to is the heat and the boredom when you are out of power. This time I preassembled some craft items I could use when the boredom set in. The heat is another matter. I cranked the air down while I still had air conditioning and it managed to stay cool through the first night without power.

During the eye of the storm the raining stops and this storm was so slow we were several hours in the eye. At that time I decided to rummage around outside and see what damage had been done. My neighbor had shingles missing and all over the yard...so I picked up some. I saw leaves and branches and even rocks and nuts and bolts. I gathered all these things and brought them inside....hmmm, what to make... AH, a fleur debris! Yes, I know, I make a lot of things with fleur de lis' in them. It is our state symbol, after all! (And the Saint's emblem).

Supplies I used:
3d Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers- gold
House Shingle
Storm Findings
Watch Parts
Hoard of items from Hubby's work room

I mounted the shingle to a piece of mat board. The drew out the shape of a fat fleur de lis with 3d Crystal Lacquer and let it set a bit. It was too liquidy to hold the twine down, so I let set up some and then pressed the twine in it.

Now I start adding the twigs, leave and other debris inside the twine outlined shape. My original idea was to make the shape out of twigs but I couldnt replicate the curve very well so I went with some twine in my hubby's workroom. 

I added a washer from the street and used some watch hands that I already had on hand (ha ha, pun intended).

I use the 3d Crystal Lacquer as glue and then fill in the spaces with a coat. Then I begin to drop in some watch parts as a filler. Wherever a see too much shingle, I drop a watch part or a spare screw.

I then mix up some Terri Sproul Mixers with some lacquer and use my finger to wipe some gold accents on the twigs and rocks.

This is what it looked like after the lacquer had dried overnight.

Made up from debris from Hurricane Isaac 2012
The Fleur Debris!



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