Steampunk Brooch

I started thinking early about some embellishments to my Halloween costume! I have a cool Fleur de Lis ring that I love and wanted to do something else with it. So I cast a mold of it and made an embellished flower brooch.


Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Metallic Powders
Resin Dyes
Disposable Cups
Craft Stick
Flower Brooch ( a previous project made of ribbon)
Terri Sproul Mixers- pearl
Crystal Lacquer
Exacto knife
E6000 glue

1st I pick what I want to mold. This is a fleur de lis ring I love.
Next I will cast a mold of the ring. You see in the background another project I am working on.:)

After the mold sets up, I then coated the mold with Metallic Powder - I am using Gun Metal Grey

Next I mix some Resin Dye - black into the resin mixture. I only put a touch of it on the craft stick and mix in with the resin. It comes out very dark using only a little

While the resin is still a tad pliable, I cut off the protruding pieces. On the orginal ring this is where the stone were. I am going to glue rhinestones there later.

I then mix some Terri Sproul Mixers (pearl) with some Crystal Lacquer. I just use my fingertips to mix it and apply it to the the top of the fleur de lis. I just lightly graze my finger across the top of the designs to highlight the raised areas.
See the cool effect the pearl has on the surface!
Those cut off spots need to be decorated.

I then start gluing on rhinestones where the raised areas were cut off. It is a nice flat platform for the rhinestone. Using a dab of E6000, glue the rhinestones.


Now that the Fleur de Lis is done, I glue it to a rose ribbon brooch I made earlier and now I have a steampunk accessory. I may even wear this with some of my "work" clothes so I feel a little cool at my day gig!


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