Amazing Dog Nose Print Mold and Resin Pendant

Amazing Dog Nose Print Mold and Resin Pendant

I've seen advertised where you can get your dog's nose in a silver necklace. A dog's nose print is like a person's fingerprint, it is individualized for each dog. I really really wanted one but they are $199.00 and up! AND I have 4 which to choose? So I decided to make my own with Amazing Mold Putty and resin. These are my results.


A Dog or four
Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Dyes (Black)
Metallic Powders or Terri Sproul Silver Mixers
Craft Stick
Paper Cups for resin
2 Large Jump Rings
Large Fingernail file (from dollar store)


Make sure you have a dog that is patient or like my Sassy, so eager to please she will let me do just about anything to her. I tested her out by holding my fingers on her nose to make sure she would breathe out her mouth. I was too scared to leave the mold too long on her nose so mine is a tad distorted from pulling it off after about 30 seconds. I may try again but I was so tickled at these results I had to post what I made.

Step 1
Step 3
  1. Add equal parts of the Amazing Mold Putty (follow directions on the box). Once mixed place over the nose of your pooch. Hold it on your pooch for a minute and then pull off. If your dog can last longer, leave it on for a few minutes...but mine got a little restless.
  2. Mix the Amazing Casting Resin together and add in some Black Alumilite Dye. If you have some of the Metallic powders for the resin then you can coat the inside of the mold with some metallic powders. I opted for Terri Sproul mixers. You can also use Rub Buff for that step...I will discuss later.
  3. Pour resin in your mold. Wait five minutes and pop out of the mold.
  4. Now you can use your fingernail file and clean up any edges. I also used the file to make my nose more pointed on the bottom instead of an oval blob.
  5. At this step you can add your Rub Buff or Mixers to bring out the detail of the nose. I used Sakura 3d Laquer and mixed in some silver Terri Sproul mixers and used my finger to apply it to the surface of the nose. This will bring out the details.
  6. Glue (E6000)  jump rings on the back, overhanging the edges just enough that a chain will slide through.
  7. Let dry and slide on a chain.

Left. Nose without silver    Center. Applying silver    Right With silver highlights.


Tanya Ruffin,
Create Studios




Anonymous said…
Looks amazing. That isn't toxic to dogs is it?

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