Embellished Business Card Holder


1 Business Card Case 
Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers- Ultra Fine Glitter
Silver Puff Paint
Flower Embellishment


These are similar to the case I had. I peeled the covers off (they were only stuck on). I found some on "1 Sale a Day" a while back for $1.99 so I bought a few. 

Select your paper and cut it to fit inside the business card holder cover. Mine had a little edge around it so I made sure mine fit inside the edge. That edge would come in handy when filling the inside with the lacquer.

I am making this for my niece who just won student body president, so I am making my very girly. 

Spread a little Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer on the front cover of the case and place the scrapbook paper down inside. You don't need to let this dry before going to the next step.

After you place the scrapbook paper down, you can begin to coat the entire surface with Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer. Then sprinkle in some Terri Sproul Mixers- Ultra Fine Glitter. The iridescence of this can not be given justice by the photograph. 

Now add your embellishments. I do this while my lacquer is still wet. If yours has dried, just glue it down using a drop of the Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer. 

The crystals and the rose will be anchored in the lacquer well. 

The rose I used was from a set of childrens earrings. I found 10 pair on one sheet for $1.00. I just snap off the post and glue it down. I love them!!

I then used the silver puff paint to write "IVY" in the bottom right corner. You may want to let your lacquer sit awhile before this step. Mine was still very wet and the puff paint ran a little.

The surface is smooth but the lighting makes it look a bit like it has a ripple. It does not. 

I wanted to keep this girly, yet simple. 

Since it ran a little I wanted to bring out the name more so I went in with a fine tipped sharpie and outlined the letters.

I like!

My Girly Business Card Holder is complete. These will also work well for Gift Card holders or just for cash. I love it!! And I hope my niece does too!

Tanya Ruffin


1 sale a day link.... $2 bucks each

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