Lace Mask

I have seen many versions of the lace mask lately and wanted to try one with the supplies I had on hand. I think it came out pretty darn cool. I must do this for Mardi Gras!!!

Lace mask before outline
Lace mask after outline.


You need a mask to trace or a mask pattern, 3d Crstal Lacquer, Terri Sproul mixers- assortment of colors andfine glitter, a plastic sheet protector, paint brush, lace, scissors,  exacto knife and optional dimensional puff paint.

Trace mask on the plastic sheet protector with a sharpie.
You only need to trace one half- you will fold it in half to cut it out. This will make it come out evenly.

Cut out the mask shape. Only cut one side of the protector, you will be able to make several masks from one.

Folding the piece in half and cut out your mask shape.

Cut out the eye shape with an exacto.
You can clean it up with your scissors.

This is your mask shape.
You will refine this later.

Spread of a good amount of 3D Crystal Lacquer.

 Make sure you get a thick coat and go all the way to the edge. This is where the teflon sheet comes in handy because after it dries you can just peel it up.
Lay you lace face up in the lacquer. Most lace has a raise side, this side will be away from the plastic facing up.

Allow to dry. I place mine under my task light for about 30 minutes.

Using a hole puncher, punch a hole about even with the edge of the eye.

Fold mask in half so the holes line up.

Cut the eye holes out of the lace. You will start the hole with the exacto but then move to your scissors to get a smooth edge.

This is your lace mask.

Now time to embellish.

 Gather your Mixers and Glitter.

Put a decent amount of 3D Crystal Lacquer on the mat and mix in your background color.

This lace pattern is of flowers so I decided to do my flowers in red and the background area in gold.

This is how it is looking so far.

I decided to leave a few petals white to bring focus to only a few. I was scared it would get too busy if I painted them all red. The ones remaining I painted with lacquer and ultra fine glitter.

I tied a few poneytail holders to make an elastic strap.

I couldn't decide on an outline or not, this is with the outline.
I used dimensional puff paint to outline. I like both.
I did not embellish any further but you can add feathers, jewelry, resin pieces (above you can see I had a fleur de lis ready to go but like this look so stopped) or anything else.

Tanya Ruffin


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