Ouija Glass Pendant

Ouija Glass Pendant
  Sakura Hobby Craft Glass tiles- 1"
  1" circle punch
  Metal Flashing Tape
  Sakura 3D Crystal Laquer
  Ouija image

  Glass tiles- 1", 1" circle punch and Flashing Tape
Sakura 3D Crystal Laquer and image

Step 2
  1. Gather your materials
  2. Design your image and use 1" circle punch to punch it out.
    Step 3
  3. Using Sakura 3D Crystal Laquer, cover back of glass with laquer and press the image face down on the glass. Use a qtip or something else smooth to burnish the image down. You can look through the glass side to see where any air bubble may be. Let dry.
  4. Use the 1" paper punch to punch out a circle from the Metal Flashing Tape (this is bought at the hardware store). Also cut a strip of tape wide and long enough to wrap around the edge.
  5. Place the metal tape on the back of your glass. This is will be a faux metal back.  Place the tape around the edge only slightly overlapping on the front.
  6. Burnish edges down
  7. Glue on bail using the 3D Laquer.
    Step 3


Step 5



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