45 Record Adapter Bracelet

I love vinyl records.
I love all things vinyl record related...or should I say "classic rock" (which oddly includes 80's music now) related. Vinyl records, cassette tapes, boom boxes...I love almost anything that relates to that era.  So when I saw a 45 adapter silver necklace I wanted it! BUT it was way to expensive, so I decided to make my own. Then I went a step further and made a bracelet... since a tutorial on a necklace would be super short.

45 Adapter
Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Metallic Powders- I used Gun Metal as my base
Dyes- I used black
Rub-n-Buff- gold and silver
Large jump rings
Jewelry pliers
Paint brush

Dig out an old 45 adapter mix up the Amazing Mold Putty according to the directions. You will make 5 discs- 4 black and 1 white

Press the 45 adapter into the mold putty.
In a few minutes you will have a rockin' mold!

Next use your paint brush to dust the inside of the mold with the gun metal metallic powder.  Following the directions on the bottle mix a drop or two of black dye into the casting resin. The top of my bottle blew off when I tried to squirt it so I just use a craft stick and dip it in the dye and then mix into my resin.

I only made one mold so it was s slow process for me, but I would make other casts at the same time so it did seem like forever to just make the bracelet.

I also decided to make one gold  (to simulate the original yellow) so I just used the white resin without any dye.

After looking at my finished pieces I decided to to add some rub-n-buff to amp it up more.

4 silver rub-n-buff adapters
1 gold rub-n-buffed adapter.
Don't forget to do both sides of
all of them!

Now link them all together. I used two large jump rings between each adapter. I linked the gold adapter in the middle.

Then attach your clasp to one end and another large jump ring to the other.

And you are done!

Good luck! This is a fun and funky bracelet!

Tanya Ruffin

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