Faux Stain Glass Painting.

I love stained glass and Renaissance art using Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul mixers I can make my own.

Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer
An assortment of Terri Sproul Mixers
Terri Sproul Color Enhance Effect
Black puff paint
Piece of clear glass
Paint brush
Image to paint, same size as glass

Start of with your piece of glass. I had a 20 X 10" piece of glass left over from a room divider I bought for 30 bucks since most of the glass was broken. What I did with the room divider is a whole 'nuther project.

Print out of your computer an image you want to transfer to glass. Since it is glass, you just put it under the glass and trace. Use the tile feature with your printer and you can print a image out as big as you want!
Make sure to clean the glass first. You don't want to paint over a smudge that can now never be cleaned. 

Then grab your puff paint and outline the main design.  You may even want to go over the image with a marker in the spot you want to outline before you begin to outline. I love the Birth of Venus painting and have used it numerous times in designs so I was comfortable tracing over it without any lines drawn on my image under the glass.

 This is what it will look like. Don't paint yourself in a corner. Start at the top and work your way down. Be careful to not place your hand or arm in the wet paint. For example, don't do all the hair first and then go back to do to the face. You will never be able to balance your hand and draw a steady line without getting your arm in the paint. Believe me! I know!

The puff paint will serve as a wall to keep the paint inside a certain area. They even make faux leading for gallery glass but I find that is too thick and you get a cramp in your hand and thumb from squeezing the bottle. If you'd like a gray color just get gray puff paint. I like the black so that is what I use. 

The next step is to start to paint. With the mixers you can either pre-mix the colors or squirt out some lacquer and mix the mixers in as you go. If you go that route make sure you mix the mixers in with the brush, if you don't you may end up with some spots that didn't mix well. If your lacquer dries before you notice, you can either leave it or peel up that area. 

In the image below, I noticed I hadn't blended the mixers well and went back while it was still wet.

For the skin tone I mixed some Citrine Pearl and Red Pearl together.
I used Garnet Red for lips and
Gold and Gold Dust for hair.
Violet was used with some Terri Sproul Color Enhance Effect for the ribbon, eyes and background. The Enhance Effects changes the color so that I can use the same mixer but it looks like another color (since I had no blue).

Just adjust the ratio of citrine and red for shadows and highlights.
Image over a white sheet. You could frame the image with a white backing sheet for this effect

Or you can  hang it without the backing paper so that you can see through it for the full stained glass effect.
On my next piece, I think I will solder the edges so that I can attach a chain.
My dog in the background likes it too.
Tanya Ruffin


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