Quick and Easy Marbleized Charm

Create an easy marbleized charm using just a few supplies.

Everything in south Louisiana oozes purple and gold (LSU), so this is a team spirit elegant charm.

Memory charm holder
Microscope slides
3d Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers, variety of colors


Take two microscope slides and squirt a nice amount of 3d Crystal Lacquer on the surface of the slides.

I used purple and gold mixers and sprinkled them on the surface of the lacquer. You can use a toothpick to slightly mix the colors together. Don't mix too much because your colors will blend, we just want a marbled effect.

The gold almost looks like gold leaf it is so rich!

I even pressed the slides together ( lacquered sides together) and press. This marbles the design even more. When you pull them apart, sit them lacquered side up to dry.

Once dry, place slide inside the Memory Charm holder and you are good to go!

The mixers produce a translucent marbled effect. You can still see through the glass, so if you wished you could place an image or scrapbook paper behind it. I like the simple look of the shimmering marbled colors; very opulent.

Tanya Ruffin

Create Studios


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