Altered Resin Altoids Box

Everyone love those little Altoid tins, but now they are embossed with the logo and can be hard to alter. I came up with an easy solution....pour a coat of resin over the top to even it out. 

Add regular scotch tape around the edges of the tin. Burnish well!

Pour resin mixture. I used the white resin.

After it sets up, remove the tape and begin to file edges to a slight curve.

Close up of thickness. Mine was a little thick but it came out just fine.
Filing edges with a giant fingernail file

Make some molds of embellishments.
These were molds I had already made of a clock and water meter cover 
Cover top, bottom and inside with scrapbook paper.
Coat with a layer of 3d Crystal Lacquer.
 Edges are painted with enamel paint

Edges are painted with enamel paint.
Cover surface with a coat of  3d Crystal Lacquer. Some metal pieces will bleed a blue tint under the 3d Crystal Lacquer so you may want to test your findings. I also used some watch parts as embellishments. 
(the New Orleans Water Meter cover is popular here)

Tanya Ruffin

Create Studios


LeeB said…
what a fun little trinket box and a wonderful tutorial. Well done!

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