CHA Shining Stars

I just returned from CHA ( craft and hobby association) Conference and had a chance to meet up with some Craft Industry celebrities!

The Wonderful Cathie Filian

I'm so excited about Cathie and Steve's new products!
These two are so
 approachable and friendly even though I Facebook stalked them for years!

The Lovable Steve Piacenza

Cathie and Steve are the National Spokespeeps for Plaid Enterprises!

I love, love, love these two...can't say it enough!

The Grungy Tim Holtz...wait that didn't come out right.

Tim got his watch stolen right in front of me! OK, it was by a magician, but it still happened.

I love all of his products, especially the Steampunk supplies!

The Bubbly Michael Strong

I remember seeing Michael on the Carol Duvall show,
so it was such a pleasure to meet and craft with him!
Check out at awesome Stevie Nicksy hat he put on my head!!
I really wanted to snag that thing!

The Lovely Linda Crofton

I met Linda last year at the show and she kind of took me under her wing. :) Love her!

Not sure if you can see if or not, but check out the designer in the bottom right!
It's me!


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