Funky Sacred Heart CD Case

Given a few supplies you can make a fun and funky decorated CD case. I may eventually turn this into a purse of sorts but right now I am just enjoying how cool this turned out.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Sakura's 3d Crystal Lacquer color sets, they made this project come to life. I have been having fun mixing up my own colors using the lacquer and the Terri Sproul mixers, but this is so much easier! My set just included the primary colors (and green and purple), so I made a very simple design.

Sakura's 3d Crystal Lacquer color set
Metal CD Case
Image to use as a guide


Draw your image on the cd case. I just free-handed a design of a sacred heart surrounded by roses. I have a real simple rose pattern- a swirl with two leaves beside it.

Start coloring in your heart. The 3D Lacquer stays really well to where you place it (it doesnt run much), so you can go right up to the edge of your sharpied line. If you overlap, it is fine because the lacquer is transparent and you can still see the lines through the lacquer after it dried. Just try not to overlap the colored lacquer- unless you mean to!

Next add a little yellow to the center of the flame, before it dried you will add some red to fill in the outlines. then take a toothpick of a needle and pull the yellow lacquer into the red and vice versa, until you have a nice flame look.

I used purple to color the frame of the heart.  
 Next color in your roses. I added a touch of purple to the flowers and swirled it just a bit.

I also added a hint of yellow to the leaves. 

Finish coloring in your design. I also decided to add more flowers to the top of the heart.

I just love how fun and funky this turned out! It has a nice hard finish, so seems to be very durable. It may even survive floating around in my big purse!

I used a lot of red on this design, but it was worth it!

Tanya Ruffin


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