Last Minute Valentine Candy Box

Need a last minute gift without spending a lot of money?
Run to the Dollar Store and buy a small heart shaped box of chocolate. Decorate it with a photo of you and your loved one (or of anything), embellish it and give it as a gift. The candy will last 5 minutes but the box will last forever! Also pick up some extra and make a special one for Mother's Day!

Box of Candy- from Dollar Store.
Glue-Elmers or Mod Podge
White Paint
Laquer- 3d Crystal Lacquer
Embellishments- beads, broken pieces of jewelry
Photo- laser copy (from a laser printer or a laser copy). If you use an ink jet printer make sure to seal your photo with fixative before lacquering.

Find a suitable photo (measure your box) and print out (you can either use a fixative if you are using ink jet or bring to copy store for a color copy).

Take shrink wrap paper off your box

Make sure the photo will fit your box of candy. Trace to heart shape on the photo and cut out.

If your box of candy is any color than white, paint it white- let dry (this is because sometimes you can see through the photo to the red paper- I tried it three times and it showed through when I added glue).

Glue your photo to box of candy- let dry

Add any collage elements.

Using a lacquer, like Sakura 3D Cystal Lacquer, put a light coat on over the photo. If you don't have any, you can use Mod Podge or even white glue.

Add embellishments, like beads. I used a thin layer of 3D Cystal Lacquer to glue the beads to the edge. Then once it sat up a bit, I went over the inside edge of the beads with more 3D Cystal Lacquer, so it had more to anchor them to the box.

Add any additional embellishments.

Put the lid on your candy and you are ready to go.

Keep in mind, this process will take about 1 1/2 hours for total project with drying time, so don't be too last minute!

Tanya Ruffin


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