Give New Life to Plastic Cups with Mod Podge

If you are like me you have a gazillion plastic stadium cups. After they get a little faded you just throw them in the recycle bin. Well here is a way to add new life to your plastic cups with a little home decor piece; a Plastic Cup Vase
Old book pages
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Plastic cups

Tear pages of book pages into smaller pieces.
Leave some pieces with the straight edge for lining along the bottom of the cup,
Using the foam brush, brush Mod Podge on cup and begin placing the torn pieces of book pages.
Once it is complete, out a coat of Mod Podge over entire surface.
Now your cup is completed.
You will be able to place water in it, but for more flare put another unaltered cup inside it. Now you won't need to worry about washing it out.

Inside rim doesn't matter if you plan to place another cup inside.


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