Text Silhouette Word Graph and 3 Things to Make Out of It!

This project would work with any silhouette shape. Word Graphs are super popular and this gives you the chance to customize it to any shape you want!

 Pick your shape and make a print out. I took a graphic off the computer, edited and printed it out the size I wanted my final project. Next, make a list of words that you would like to spotlight. Since I used a dog shape, I used the name of my dog as the main focal point, then used other words he hears or that are special to him ( the other dogs at the house). Make list of the words you want to use in the order of importance. You may end up with extra open space and having a long list of words, you will have some to pull from to complete the design.

Using a pencil, I roughed out the words. Free-styling the lettering allows you to curve around the shape and contort letters to fill empty open space. If you have trouble figuring out how to stylize the letters check out graffiti and tattoo lettering.

I used a graphic pen to outline the words. I left "Duncan" white and colored in the rest.

I decided to draw on the silhouette printed out the computer. If you didn't want an outline, you could trace the silhouette shape onto a clean sheet and erase the pencil lines later.

I had planned on adding color but really liked the black and white design.

This is a fun project to do. You can use flower shapes and use your child's name, a princess crown, etc... For Dad you can use a car or truck shape. So many ways you can use this design.
Try adding color and patterns.

Three things to make with the finished Text Silhouette Word Graph

1. Book Page Print

 I put it on my scanner and printed a copy on a book page. I just love anything with book pages. This alone would make a nice framed piece.

Then I printed out several copies from my laser copier to play with.

2. Canister

I then glued two copies to a old canister and painted a layer of Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer on top. When dry it has a nice shiny finish. Before the lacquer dried I added a little embellishment and it was done.

I glued a resin dog head to the top and now I have an nice air tight treat canister for my dog.

3. Scrapbook or Collage

Another project I created with the same copy was a scrapbook page or collage, whatever you would call it. Since I don't scrapbook, I'll call it a collage.

I mixed gold Terri Sproul Mixers and Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer together and painted over the name Duncan.

I added some lacquer and gold around the edge of the dog silhouette.
Then a picture of my pooch and some old dog tags to finish off the piece.

These represent several methods for using the same piece of artwork!

Tanya Ruffin


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