Louisiana Pride resin bracelet

I am a born and raised Louisianian.

Tanya Ruffin in Louisiana Governor's chair
When I was a child my father was the first assistant of the governor and I have many souvenirs from that time: one of my father's boots emblazed with a Louisiana State seal; state seal cuff links; key to the cities; photos; invitations, etc... My father died when I was only 8 so these things are very special to me. When it comes to crafting I have been made aware that many of my crafts revolve around state and city pride.
You always hear of making molds from grandmother's buttons, well here is something I made from Dad's cuff links!
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet

Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
I made a mold using Amazing Mold Putty of my dad's state seal cuff link, cast it and made a piece of jewelry. I also decided to cast a bronze pin of our Old State Capitol, where I worked as a museum curator many moons ago. How cool is it that I worked in the  Old State Capitol and my dad worked in the new State Capitol?! I also found a key to the city of Mandeville to cast.
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
While mixing my resin I mixed in a little pink Pearl Ex. I also brushed some pink into the mold.
The effect was not as powerful as I hoped (since it was so light) so I skipped it and stuck to just mixing the pearl ex into the resin.
I have been a pink kick lately so I cast everything in pink!

Louisiana Pride resin bracelet

Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
I too often over pour my mold so I dripped the resin in with a craft stick to make sure not to this time.
 Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
With Pearl Ex brushed in mold
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
Pearl Ex mixed in resin.

Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
 With the help of some silver Rub-n-Buff, a modified bracelet blank and E6000, this is my Louisiana Pride bracelet.

Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet
Louisiana Pride resin bracelet

Tanya Ruffin
Create Studios- arts and carafes in Baton Rouge


Christi Conley said…
I saw your post on the Amazing Mold Putty blog and I had to come & check out your blog - I am SO glad I did :)
wow101 said…
WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your story and wonderful pics! Love it!
Molly Freibott said…
This was so fascinating! I had no idea how these were made. they are really beautiful! I love the idea of having a 'signet' ring...I could seal things with it! Silly- I know. Thanks so much for sharing! Loved it!
Janine said…
So cool! Very creative! I love the way you used your family and state history. What a fabulous way to preserve and also show it off with your own style! Amazing!
Rachel Whetzel said…
I love the idea of making these into something colorful!
Those turned out really good. What a nice way to remember him by.
Denise Clason said…
Wow, I'm so impressed! I've been wanting to do this with something I have, and now I know how! Thank you!
I am so ready to do this!!! Love your ideas and the bracelet rocks.
Diane Long said…
Wow! the possibilities are endless! Love it!
Cheryl Boglioli said…
OK< Love this project. I have so many pins that I don't know what to do with. I may have to try this too. Thank you for sharing.

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