Painted Resin Artist Pallet

Painted Resin Artist Pallet
Having been raised as an artist (painting classes started at 9), I have tons of artist related items. Anything art related, I am sure I have somewhere or had at some time. One item, a brass artist pallet paperweight has been begging for attention. Since we are so digital now a days, the paperweight has been in a desk drawer for some 20 years. I pulled it out the other day and thought I would cast it.

Then what? I have a gagzillion molds I have problem is how many pendants or necklaces does one woman really need? Ok, don't answer that... After I cast it I realized one more isn't going to hurt me and this one is really cute.

Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Resin dye- black
Pearl ex powders
Craft stick
Mixing cups
Paint brush
Item to cast

Gather the item to cast, in this case a brass pallet paperweight.

Painted Resin Artist Pallet

Cast with the Amazing Mold Putty
Painted Resin Artist Pallet
After your mold has cured, pop out the paperweight. Gather your Pearl Ex. 
Painted Resin Artist Pallet

Using a small paint brush, brush in the paint dabs first. Whatever is the most raised surface on the item you cast should be first, this will lessen contaminating your colors.
Painted Resin Artist Pallet

Mix your resin and dye according to directions. I use a craft stick and get a little black dye on the end and mix it in part B before I add A and B together. The first time I tried to use my black dye I blew the little dropper off the bottle and dumped half my dye out. Now I use a craft stick to get the dye out.  Make sure the dye is mixed well, then add equal part of part A. Mix about a minute and pour in mold.

When done pop out your cast. You may have some areas you need to touch up and may not. You can always mix the Pearl Ex with a little Crystal Clear or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create a liquid paint to touch up spots or to just paint your resin after it is cast. 
Painted Resin Artist Pallet

Since my pallet had a hole in it already, I used that to string a chain. To keep from using a jump ring I used tied a slipknot with the chain. I could have used a leather cord, but I didn't have one handy.
Painted Resin Artist Pallet

I love!!! 
Now to come up with some other thing to use this cast for...perhaps a giant bracelet!
Tanya Ruffin, Artist Extraordinaire

Create Studios- Arts and Carafes, Baton Rouge Louisiana


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