Hurricane Protection Candle with Resin Accent

Hi, It's Tanya again with another Louisiana inspired project. Getting sick of them yet? I'm not. :)

I just LOVE Amazing Mold Putty! It gives you the opportunity to cast found objects and items you have hand made. I used polymer clay to create a sacred heart and made a mold, then cast it with Amazing Casting Resin.

Using a plain candle at the dollar store, I decoupaged a design I created from a painting of mine (and come computer work) to the candle. A few embellishments and my Amazing Crafting Products created sacred heart and I am ready to ward off the next hurricane.

I added Alumilite Silver Metallic Powder to the mold before I poured in the resin.

This gave the paint an extra pop when I painted the heart. The heart glistens in the light!

What ideas are swirling in your head
with the thought of casting your own handmade items?

If you create something from this inspiration, please leave a comment below with a link here so I can check it out! Please visit my site. Thanks! ~ Tanya


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