Tinted Resin Halloween Candle Holder

Tinted Resin Halloween Candle Holder....Holiday Inspiration from Tanya Ruffin

Bonjour from Louisiana! 
Tanya here with a really fun and beautiful spin on resin.
I have an early Halloween party every year and try to make a lot of decorations (so I am starting now). I love "elegant" Halloween  decorations, not so much the cutesy pumpkins and ghosts, so I tried my hand at an elegant purple tinted resin Halloween candle holder.
I love it! It glows so much better than the camera picks up.
Amazing Mold Putty~ Tanya Ruffin

I had everything on hand, but if you don't, all you need a skull ice cube tray (dollar store), clear resin (AMP), violet resin dye (AMP), florescent orange resin dye (AMP), glass candle holder (dollar store), glue gun and a candle!
The florescent is really florescent! But in a darkly lit room, it is just bright enough to give a great glow!

Amazing Mold Putty~ Tanya Ruffin

I mixed up the clear cast resin and mixed in about 10 drops of the violet dye. With a cheap craft paint brush, I brushed the resin over the entire surface of the candle holder. I used a tall glass candle to hold the candle holder upside down to allow for dripping. I watched it closely for the first hour, cleaning up spills and gathering up excess resin that was collecting around the edge. 

Don't you just love the purple resin over the clear glass?

Amazing Mold Putty~ Tanya Ruffin

I allowed it to sit overnight and then filed off the drips that had hardened. 
Amazing Mold Putty~ Tanya Ruffin

Once that was completed...to be honest I loved the purple tint so much I almost didn't put the skulls on. BUT, this was a Halloween candle holder so I went ahead and hot glued the skulls around the glass. 
TIP- place a rubber band around the glass to get a base line to line up your skulls. 
Then glue away.

This came out so awesome... I am going to make more and more and more.

What will you tint with your
Amazing Mold Putty resin dye???


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E McDowell said…
I do love the purple resin! Cool candle.

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