How to make a Vlad Dracul blood wine glass candle with Amazing Clear Cast resin.

Time for another Halloween craft. I love crafts that are used for home decor and combined with my favorite season, that would be Halloween decor! At my art studio I teach lots of classes on etching wine glasses, so I thought I would combine home decor with etched wine glasses and this is the Halloween craft i came up with. I can actually see this being used all sorts of ways, but for Halloween I will use red resin to simulate blood!

Amazing Clear Cast Resin
Red Resin Dye
Stir stick-$ store
Wine Glass-$ store
Mini Glass Apothecary Jar Candle, red, 3 oz. $ store
Contact Paper- $ store
Etch Cream
Painters tape-$ store
Non stick surface
Plastic cup-$ store
Measuring cup-$ store

Before I started my project, I needed to gauge how much resin I would need. To do this I sat the candle in the wine glass and filled the glass with water. Once I liked where the water stopped on the candle I took out the candle and poured the water in a measuring cup. Then I calculated how much half would be (since I will add half the total volume as part A and the other half as part B). Now I pour the half amount of water in a plastic cup and mark when it is.

Oddly, on a solo cup the half amount was on the "wine" mark. I then poured the remaining half water in the cup and marked where it stopped. So I now know where part A will stop and where part B will stop (when I add it on top). Now I will use this plastic cup to mix my resin when I get to that stage.
My cup was yellow and I could see through it fine. 

First thing i did was cut a "Vlad Tepes Dracul" stencil with my Pazzles cutting machine. This can be hand cut using contact paper of you don't have a cutter or can even be free handed with etch cream that comes in a squirt bottle.

Apply the stencil to the glass, burnish (don't forget this step- make sure to get all edges of the design burnished well!) and etch. The etch cream I use has an etching time of 5 mins.

This is how it looks after it is etched.

Test out how the candle will sit

You can get these tiny candles at the dollar store and the labels peel off easily.

I'm ready to mix the resin.

Remember to add the resin dye to part A and mix. Make it a little dark since you will be adding part B in and it will thin the color a bit. I used about 20 squirts of red dye... and be prepared for that to take awhile, it squirts slow. Which that is a good thing on small projects!

I used a plastic cover sheet from an old Pazzles cutting mat as my non stick will make a mess!
( and yes, the Cricut mat works in the Pazzles and no, I didn/t mess up my new mat)

No matter how much you want to, don't put the candle in before you have poured all the resin. If you measured correctly you will have the exact amount of resin. 

My candle wanted to tilt a little so I put some blue painters tape on the inside of the candle and taped it to the edge of the wine glass.

Now I can begin to drizzle red resin down the glass.

It take a full 24 hours to completely cure, but after 12 hours you can handle it.

Drippy drippy....Vlad is a bit messy!

Take the price tag off before you start!

It glows beautifully and will bring out the etched name even more when the candle burns down more!

This does take a lot of resin, so you may want to start on a smaller wine glass. Mine was 20 oz because I wanted my small candle to sit all the way down inside. Also be aware that resin heats as it cures, so you don't want just a wax candle inside with no container. My wax melted inside as it was curing, but it hardened back up. 

Follow Your Art!

Until next time, 


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