Molding a Detailed Design with Rubber!

I have been using Amazing Mold Putty for a few years now and I molded probably 100 items. One thing that has been difficult have been the designs with undercuts. It will work, but my mold finally rips apart after I have peeled the resin out so many times or the resin doesn't completely fill those areas.
The AMP mold for this piece has been damaged beyond repair and it was time to cast a new one... Amazing Mold Rubber arrived just in the nick of time!

This is my first attempt at casting a rubber mold.

I took one of my pieces that I had sculpted (and preciously molded and cast in resin) and re-molded it.

Perfect a less than perfect mold

Tanya Ruffin for Amazing Mold Putty

You can see on this cast that the undercut area (between the folds in the banner) don't always cast well.

Tanya Ruffin for Amazing Mold Putty
The red cast is one that I touched up with some fimo clay and is the one I used for my mold.

Tape (I used glue dots) the item- flat side down in a receptacle. I used a altoids tin. The bottom will then be the top of the mold.

Using the directions on the Mold Rubber, I mixed up an 10:1 ratio of base to catalyst.  It would have been much easier to mix the whole container at once, but since it was my first try at it I was a little scared it would be a total loss if I used it all.

Pour the mix over the items in the receptacle and wait.

Mine took way longer than the 2-3 hour cure time. I think it is because it is cold and rainy here.

Weather may factor the cure time

Finally when it was no longer tacky, i pried the mold out of the tin.
Tanya Ruffin for Amazing Mold Putty
 The undercut area is GREAT!

Tanya Ruffin for Amazing Mold Putty

Before Rub-n-Buff

Tanya Ruffin for Amazing Mold Putty

After Rub-n-Buff

My first cast came out great!
It was soooo much easier to demold the design!

Tanya Ruffin
Tanya Ruffin for

Tanya Ruffin for Create Studios


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