Altered John Wayne Whiskey Bottle

I was recently looking for a unique was to display some original art of John Wayne I had created. After our New Years Eve gathering I was looking at a plastic 5th of whiskey and thought... Hey, I can make a John Wayne label for the whiskey bottle! Well that morphed into the final project. Create

I printed out a high resolution laser image of my painting and decoupaged it to the whiskey bottle ( no whiskey was harmed or lost during the making of this craft). Create

Using some washi tape I picked up one day at Office Depot (of all places), I covered up the traces of the whiskey label around the neck of the bottle.
A few more embellishments here and there and I am done.... but it looks so blah!
I know, I need a badge!

Sticking to the True Grit theme, I needed a Marshal's badge. Of course the first thing I thought of was to buy a toy badge and make a mold. Easy enough, right? Except I couldn't find a Marshal's badge anywhere (for a reasonable price). Ok, so I only went to the dollar store, but that is beside the point!
So I decided to buy some kids plastic badges to cast. Create
Then I noticed the blister pack, which many of us (I am sure) have used in the past. The blister pack was a perfect mold! No need to remake a mold when I have a free one right here! So I used the blister pack mold. I could probably use it only a couple of time before it would fall apart, but I only needed one! Create

So what molds will you find in blister packs?

I used the Sheriff mold and Amazing Casting Resin with a little black dye to get a gray. I wish I knew this would come out so cool or I would have used some of the gun metal powder with it.

Rooster Cogburn in True Grit was a Marshal not a Sheriff, so whats a girl to do?
Well, using an old brush I painted resin over the debossed letters in SHERIFF until it was almost flat. Then I hand-painted MARSHAL over it. I also added DEPUTY and U.S. to the badge to make it at least correct terminology. It doesn't look exactly the same but at least it doesn't say SHERIFF! Create

Added some copper and silver rub-n-buff  accents and it was ready to embellish my piece. Create

Opps, I dropped it and broke the corner of the badge taking this picture. 
But you can see it the corner is clearly there in my display at CHA. Create Create

How can you use Amazing Mold Putty Products with your original art?

Til next time!


Tanya Ruffin


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