Steampunkified Shark Brooch

Amazing Mold Putty- Tanya Ruffin
I know we still have a little ways to go, but this project would be great for Shark Week.
For those interested- this a countdown for Shark Week

I think it is a just a groovy steampunky pin. The process was easy and I love the end results.

Plastic shark
Plastic heart frame
Lace Ribbon
E-6000 glue
Pin back


I already had a heart shaped frame cast and wanted to use in a unconventional design. So I purchased a plastic shark with the idea to cast the head. Check out your discount store toy aisles and...

Let your mind go!

steampunkified shark brooch- Tanya Ruffin

I made a mold of the head, just up to the side fin and then cast the mold.
steampunkified shark brooch- Tanya Ruffin

After I removed it from the mold, I didn't like how it sat on the frame so I took out my handy dandy file and took some of the side. 

I used some copper, silver and ebony rub-n-buff on the shark and the heart frame.
I then glued the lace ribbon around the back to give it that Victorian look. 
steampunkified shark brooch- Tanya Ruffin

You can glue the pin back on now or wait until the glue sets up. I waited.

Now you have your very own steampunkified shark brooch, perfect for your Shark Week formal gathering or anywhere else this cool pin would go!
steampunkified shark brooch- Tanya Ruffin

What is your crazy spin?

Until next time,



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