Vintage Resin Tablescape Tanya Ruffin

When I needed something to decorate a plan white tabletop for a display so I thought about making some die cut flowers and leaves. Of course no simple flower and leaves would do. Using vintage postcard images and photos of classic movies stars, I printed out some LASER prints. They must be laser or they will tend to bleed when you cover with resin. Tanya Ruffin

With my prints in hand, I then mixed a batch of Amazing Clear Cast. Using a foam brush, I brush a thin layer of resin on the paper. Place your resin coated paper on a sheet of wax paper. Repeat a few coats of resin and let sit over night. When your sheets are cured, you can then use your die cutter to cut out shapes.

The results are translucent and quite becoming. Tanya Ruffin
Some areas with thick black toner take more resin to make smooth coat.
On some of the leaves, I left the resin pooling up on the surface because it looked like dew. 

I like the mistakes that you end up loving! Tanya Ruffin Tanya Ruffin Tanya Ruffin

What Can You Do with Resin Sheets? Tanya Ruffin

Until next time, 

Tanya Ruffin


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