Cheap and Easy Springy Resin Dog Collar

Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin

Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin
Spring has sprung, but in Louisiana we usually have 2 seasons, Winter and Summer... So Spring to me means Summer is on it's way. I just returned from a cruise and beautiful tropical flowers were everywhere. This collar reminds of Jamaica and summer (and another cruise). The project was very cheap and easy to make. I think I will start on a Halloween collar too!
I used Amazing Mold Putty products and dollar store items!

Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin

Flower ice cube tray
Dog collar
Amazing Casting Resin
Violet Resin Dye
4 Brads
Hole Punch- I used a Crop-a-dile

Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin
Cheap project. Cost $2.00 cash and supplies on hand!

The first thing I did was take my collar out of the package and decide where I wanted the flowers to go. I marked the collar with a pen and punched holes using a Crop-a-dile.
Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin

I then put E6000 on a Q-tip and ran it through and around each hole so the collar wouldn't fray.
Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin
The collar was woven and would start to unravel if I skipped this step. 

Next step is to pour your resin. I mixed some Violet Resin Dye with the Amazing Casting Resin to get a light purple. Then pour the resin in the ice cube tray. As it is just about to set up I place my brads in, letting them sink in a little but not so much that they fall to the bottom of the tray. 
Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin

After the resin sets up I mix up some more Amazing Casting Resin, this time leaving it white and pour more resin in the mold. I only pour enough to cover the bottom of the brads, so they are sealed in. 
Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin
You can see the second layer curing.
When completely cured (about 20 minutes) pop out your pieces and attach to the collar.
Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin

How Stinking Adorable is This?

Quick and easy project. The hardest part was trying to get one of my dogs to sit still long enough to get a photo! Two dogs (daddy and daughter) were used to get these photos. :)
Resin Dog Collar- Tanya Ruffin

What can you make with brads?

Until next time, 

Tanya Ruffin


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