Making things with Mardi Gras bead medallions.

Mardi Gras has come and gone again, but one thing not just empty beer cans.....BEADS!!
Crawfish Fleur de lis- Tanya Ruffin

Tanya Ruffin

I always look for some cool beads that I can create something with. This year I found a few that you may see on some later posts! But this time I used a really cool set with a crawfish fleur de lis as a medallion and thought...hmm, since Easter is next and what goes with Easter in Louisiana? Crawfish!

Tanya Ruffin

So i made of mold of the crawfish medallion using Amazing Mold Putty. Cast it with some Amazing Resin tinted with black dye. I trimmed down the top by the crawfish head so it looked less like a medallion. Embellished with silver Rub-n-Buff and came out with a rather fancy~shmanshy piece.

Now what to do with the piece? I e-6000'd (that's a verb isn't it?) it to a mason jar for a rustic silverware holder for when we are outside at a newspaper covered picnic table, chowing down on some crawfish.

The finished crawfish fleur de lis vase- Tanya Ruffin

Its amazing how a recast and some  Rub-n-Buff can turn something from cheesy to fancy-shmancy!

In the meantime it will be a vase.

What will you take from cheesy to fancy-shmancy?

Until next time!



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