Going Nuts over Resin Pralines!

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Ever had an awesome idea of something to make...or see if you could make? Then you have one obstacle after another, but you are bound and determined to see it through? Well, that is this project.

I wanted to make some resin pecans, that part was pretty easy. Then I wanted to make a praline.
In the South you see several types of pralines; creamy, chocolate, even bacon!  I wanted to make what is called "original" pralines. They are more shiny and translucent than the creamy pralines. It probably would have been easier to make creamy pralines, but I already had started on this journey.
And yes, At one point I did give totally up and mold a whole, already made, praline... The cast looked like moose poop.

What you need:
Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Amazing Clear Cast

First thing to do is make the pecans, this was the most fun!
I made a resin mold of several pieces of pecan using Amazing Mold Putty.
Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

The I used a mix of the Caucasian and African American dye to get the color for the pecans.  I also used Amazing Casting Resin (white) as the base.

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

I added a touch of red to get the perfect shade.

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Pour the mold and wait.
After I pop out the pieces I then used a sponge to coat some watered down black acrylic paint into the crevices. I then wiped it off the top. This gave the resin pecans life! I then added some cream paint to the broken edges.

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Can you tell which are real and which are resin? Pretty close! The resin is on the left. 

Now that my pecans are done I just need to put them in a resin praline.

... easy right? 

Sigh.... not really. I ruined about half dozen batches of my pretty pecans.

First attempt was with Clear Resin with some more Caucasian and African American dye  By this time I had tired of wasting my good pecans and tried it with a cream pecan. This batch was a little too dark. 
Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

But I discovered I could use a sponge with red and African American dye to sponge on color. YAY!

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Using a little more Caucasian dye, it came out rather creamy. 

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Adding some more African American dye and sponging on top...I am starting to like it.

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

So now I decided to try Caucasian and African American dyed white resin and then putting some dyed clear on top to make it shiny.... 

Nailed it! NOT

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Ok, stop being so inventive, I almost had it before!!!

So far, I think this one is my favorite!

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

So now, to made the card. I cut my paper. and glued in place. Cut a small square with a paper punch in the bottom right corner.

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com

Outside of card
Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com
You are PRALINE wondering why I sent this....

Inside of card.

Resin Pralines- tanyaruffin.com
Just Pecans!!

What resin techniques are you NUTS for?

Until Next Time,


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