The Secret to Getting Resin OFF Your Work Space

First off when using resin you should ALWAYS have your work space covered with a Teflon sheet. I have a large sheet that I ordered from Amazon to cover the bottom of an oven. Who says you have to buy the one that say CRAFT?
It never fails, in the middle of a resin project you get a spill on your Teflon sheet. Yes, when it dries it will peel right up, but what if you are using clear and it takes 24 hours to set? I can't just avoid that section of my work space....

So you are using your Amazing Clear Cast or Amazing Casting Resin and opps... a spill...

Tada!! Enter BABY OIL!

Simply squirt an ample amount on a paper towel and wipe it off.

If it is a huge spill, you may want to squirt some directly on the resin spill and let set about 5-10 minutes. This works for Part A, Part B or after they are mixed. If you have some harder to clean areas or it is a glob, you can use your craft knife to scrape it up.

This is about 10 minutes later, it is completely free of an uncured resin spill.

It also works well on your hands!

Until next time!


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