Frankie's Broken Heart Resin Charm Necklace

Poor Frankie, he just can't seem to catch a break!

This necklace was created as an homage to his broken heart when  rejected by his love, "the Bride."

My hubby suggested making a crazy broken heart held together by metal straps and I thought (LIGHTBULB MOMENT), watch parts!!!

I used Sculpey to sculpt the heart (and some watch parts), Amazing Mold Putty to mold the heart, Amazing casting resin to cast the heart, and some Mod Molds as molds for the gears, lock and key, as well some Etsy purchased monster molds. frankie's broken heart for

The necklace

frankie's broken heart for
Sculpted broken heart with watch parts

frankie's broken heart for

frankie's broken heart for
The cast heart, painted red and silver rub n buff.

frankie's broken heart for
Mod molds

frankie's broken heart for
Finished necklace.


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Broken Heart

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