Sassy the Crafty Dog Makes a Cut T Shirt!

Sassy decided she wanted to cut a t shirt her Mama could wear. 
She first sketched out a simple design on paper... a skull.
Remember to draw your image out like it is a stencil... no intersecting lines. 

Then using a sharpie she drew the design on the tshirt. She is putting the image on the back of the tshirt.
If you make it for the front (especially a skull) make sure to test the placement.
You wouldn't want the eye sockets over your chest!
With a pair of blunt pointed scissors ( she is a dog after all, humans would use more pointy ones) she carefully cut out the shapes, making sure to cut outside the lines so the black sharpie lines were cut off.

She stretched out the shirt to make sure she liked the look and even touched up a few spots.
It ended up being a lot easier than she thought. Too bad she just grab this shirt out of the Goodwill bag.

Then her Mama tried on it.

You didn't think I meant she made it for me, did you? 

Well. She really did!
Unfortunately, Sassy doesn't have an opposable thumb to work the camera to take a pic of me wearing it.


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