Day of the Dead Paperclay Skulls

I new to using Paperclay so my process was simple. The hard part was deciding what to put the skulls on!

Start with a dollar store skull ice tray, paper clay and sharpie markers and paint pens.

Follow directions on the Paperclay package and press prepared clay into the skull mold.
I let mine sit a few days because I was occupied with other projects, but overnight would have worked.
Paint the skulls with base coat of acrylic craft paint, let dry, then embellish with sugar skull designs using a mix of Sharpie markers, paint pens and Stained fabric markers. The Stained markers have a nice brush tip. A white paint pen is needed for the teeth unless you have real steady hands.... these are small!!


You Can Craft Your Own Way!
Craft Your Own Way...
You can call it another Crafty Day..


Comments said…
OMG these I will sure try I already found the tray at Walmart since my Dollar store was out of the skulls. :)
darla said…
I will be working on this with the kids. what a great project
Mrs Pretzel said…
Love Day of the Dead. I need to find me one of those trays!
Meme said…
Great idea using the ice tray! Great job! Thanks for joining in!
Anonymous said…
thank you for sharing!
Joe Rotella said…
Great idea! I could see Terri S. wearing that hat too!

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