DIY Mardi Gras Second Line Umbrella

Making your own Second Line Mardi Gras Umbrella is easy and fun BUT it can be messy if you like Glitter, Let's face it...who doesn't like Glitter (Besides Ellen DeGeneres).

Start with an umbrella the right color. You can paint it with floral spray paint but it takes almost a whole can to get an even coat... so try to start with the right color. It is cheaper.

Stencil your designs. I made a stencil from poster paper and cut the shapes out with an exacto. I use a large and small mask and large fleur de lis shape.

With a marker trace on your shapes that you want to glitter.

Fill in with white glue and a paint brush.

Pour the glitter over the glued area and use a manila folder under the edge of the umbrella to catch the glitter. If you have more than one folder switch out the one you just caught glitter in with a fresh one and use what you caught and pour over another area.

Measure around the outside of the umbrella and purchase a feather or mirabeau boa the right length. It typically takes 1 1/2 boas for a small umbrella. Glue the boa on and you are done!!!

After all the glittered areas dry you can actually close the umbrella. I don't recommend shutting it all the way down but enough to slide inside a garbage bag for storage.

What designs will you come up with?

If you have a Silhouette, Cricut, or another cutting machine, you can really make some fun stencils!

We offer classes on this at Create Studios in Baton Rouge Louisiana during Mardi Gras season!


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