After the Glitter Fades: Four Things to Make with Mardi Gras Beads

The street cleaners have made their rounds and Mardi Gras is officially over. All that is left is garbage and beads, lots of beads. Actually, tons of beads!

Kids and mostly adults begs for these plastic trinkets like they can be traded in like S & H Green Stamps (now i am aging myself).

Well, if you are one of those successful beggars then you came home with a few sacks of these precious gems. Now what?

Here are a few ideas of things you can make with your trivial possessions that are just taking up space. 

Mardi Gras Bead Chandeliers:

These are fun to make and we even have a class on this at Create Studios.
For more info on the class click here.
I spray painted green beads black to make one for Halloween!

Bead Art:

This is really a lot easier than it looks. 
For full project click here.

Beaded Flamingo:

This can be done on any object. Just remember that the beads make the item thicker, so you will lose any details. 

For full project click here.

Beaded Anchors:

This is a deep pot and didn't need more than this.
This is a great use of beads. Ever have that artificial flower or plant that keeps tipping over? I have a artificial banana plant that is pretty heavy and kept falling out of the pot. I put the plant in and filled it with the uglier beads I did use for any of my other projects. Now it is sturdy! 

You can also put beads in a potted plant outside for some color. Water will flow through it and it will deter critters from digging in it, Some beads fade in the sun, so you may have to refresh this every so often,

Good Luck and Craft Your Own Way!

Create Studios Baton Rouge
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