Love Stinks: Happy V(oodoo Doll) Day!

Tanya Ruffin with Geaux Create It

Love Stinks, yeah yeah... So says J. Geil's Band!
Valentine's Day has us all thinking of love, hearts, roses, butterflies and all things lovely. .. well, not all of us.

Living in Louisiana, I need to look at the dark side. Ok usually is the quirky side, but for Valentine's Day I thought of a voodoo doll!

Using some mini cookie cutters ( or polymer clay cutter)  I used a gingerbread cutter and made it into a voodoo doll.

Tanya Ruffin with Geaux Create It

First stick the cutter to some packing tape or duct tape.  Make sure to burnish the edge to the tape well.  Spray generously with mold release.

Tanya Ruffin with Geaux Create It

Mix resin and pour into mild.  I added red dye to my resin.

Once cured, pop out the resin. I cut two sewing pins and glued them to the top. Add red glitter.

Glue a pin back or bail to back.

Tada. Happy V (oodoo) Day!

Create Studios Baton Rouge
Geaux Create


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