Acrylics, Color Pencil with Frisket Painting

Did you know you can accent acrylic paintings with color pencil? Well You never know until you try!
I painted a series for album covers 15" x 15", I think, for a nightclub. I wanted to make them as close to the original as possible and sometimes that required some fine lines. So I tried some techniques and a steady hand is REALLY hard. I also used frisket, which was a lot of fun and opens up so many possibilities.

The club is unfortunately gone and my art ( and there was a lot more) was sold to the highest bidder.

Frisket is a masking fluid that prevents the surface from absorbing the color. You can use with watercolor and thin acrylics. You apply the liquid fisket to areas you want to protect pr mask and then paint. You then peel away the mask when you are done. 

Here are my results... ok these were taken years after they were put on the wall so they may be a little worn from cigarette smoke.

Check out the color pencil highlights on the hand and pants and on the tiles in the Motley Crue cover

The Guns and Roses cover has a lot of frisket and color pencil
On the Guns and Roses cover I painted the yellow lines inside the cross and then covered with frisket to paint the purple background. When I peeled up the frisket the lines and edges were crisp.
Real zipper on Rolling Stones cover!

The Steve Miller Band cover used color pencil and frisket.


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