The Beatles are a Blast!

Tanya Ruffin with Geaux Create It

I purchased a blasting cabinet a while back and I have been playing with making art with it.
Using my pazzles machine I cut a piece of vinyl of Paul McCartney. I placed the positive on the 45. I chose a 45 from Capitol records (which was the Beatles record company for awhile).I strategically placed the label in Paul's hair. With the vinyl on the record I placed it in the blasting cabinet and blasted until the background was a grey color.

I love the results.

Tip: be careful with the vinyl. I pulled the label I wanted to save off on one. So it is a delicate dance of rubbing it down enough so it wont blast off and not so hard it messes up what is underneath. 

Tanya Ruffin with Geaux Create It


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