Stain Glass Mosaics the Easiest Way

This is one of the easiest ways to play with stain glass. It isn't difficult but it does use some costly supplies. 

You will need:
Stain Glass in a variety of colors
A sheet of glass (I buy a picture frame)
Clear Contact Paper
Stain Glass Pattern
Clear Latex Caulk
Old gift card to smooth caulk
Unsanded grout

I buy sheets of stained glass at the craft store and cut them into smaller squares. It is mucg cheaper than buying pre-cut glass. This is the most time consuming part.

Cut a sheet of clear contact paper about 2 inches wider and longer than your piece of glass.

Place your stain glass pattern under the contact paper, sticky side up.

You can put your glass tiles into the design. If you have some glass nippers you can trim the tiles to other shapes too. The tiles will stick in the contact paper. Make sure to leave a gap between each tile for grout. 

Once you have all the glass tiles in the design you will need to caulk your piece of glass.
Spread thin layer of caulk across the surface of the glass. Make sure every inch is covered with caulk. This will glue the tiles to the glass.

Now you will press the caulked glass face down onto the tiles. Be careful because it is hard to readjust once you have let the caulk touch the glass tiles. Press down but not too firm. You don't want to break your glass.  

Let set for up to two week!

Once the caulk is dry (it should be clear) you can grout.

You must use unsanded grout (Sanded will scratch your glass).
I put two scoops of grout in a ziplock bag and start with a small amount of water. Follow the directions on the grout. You want the grout to be cookie dough consistency. When you are ready cut a corner off the ziplock bag and use it like you are icing a cake. Wearing gloves, press the grout into every crevice and wipe clean. Using a damp, not sopping wet, sponge make a coupe of passes cleaning. 

It doesn't need to be just glass you mosaic!

We teach this class and many others at Create Studios Baton Rouge.


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