Halloween #Cre8time Candle Holder

This was a real easy project. I started off surfing the web for old monster movie posters. When I found a nice collection I laser printed them on copy paper. Spread out some wax paper to make your mess on... Using Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge (just in case I need to wash these) I painted glue on the back of the pieces and adhered to the vase. After it dries apply a coat to the top. It will dry shiny and look awesome lit from the backside...or inside.

I then decided to make a tray from a Dollar Store plastic tray. You don't even need to sand the surface first, they glue down fine. Make sure to press out any air bubbles, wait until dry and apply a top coat or two. I added two to the tray. I love it!

If you plan to resale your items make sure you use copyright free images. You can even search google image and clicking "Usage Rights" and selected "labeled for reuse with modification."

You can Craft Your Own Way...


Tanya Ruffin


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